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Belguim Bluestone Mailbox Price Reduced

Author : Damon Date : 9/11/2015 5:28:49 PM
Qingdao J&D Stone has 4 bluestone mailbox customers in Belguim, they are distributors and supermarkets.

On 9th, Sep, 2015, one of our customer visited our factory in Jining City. Considering the business condition is
not so good this year, our factory decide to adjust the bluestone mailbox price, now most models price is between
FOB $56/pcs - $64/pcs.

Though we reduced the price, but we'll keep same high quality as before:
1) One piece in per strong wooden crate
2) Wooden crates is 3.5cm thick of each side, heel is 9cm height
3) High quality glue and make stainless steel accessories inside the mailbox to make it stronger
4) Use 304 stainless steel door, and also steel "Xiaoboshi" brand locks
5) We can guanrantee each bluestone mailbox can use as least 2 years. If don't move it, 8-10 years is also available.

Here is some models we made:

Below is PROMO 51 AND PROMO 20, very popular, and very cheap:

Here is 304 stainless steel door and "Xiaoboshi" locks:

We have been doing bluestone mailbox business for 8 years, never get a complaint from customer.

If any interest, please contact:

Skype: zoneyu008
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